8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

The dreaded phone call comes in: there has been some suspicious activity on your credit card and the bank would like to verify that you were the one spending thousands of dollars online. Shocked and appalled, it strikes you that your identity has been stolen and that you must act quickly to protect yourself from further damage. While the news can be overwhelming at first, and you most likely want to figure out how this even happened to you, there are a few steps you should immediately take to preserve your credit and your hard-earned money.

1) Call one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)* to place a fraud alert on your credit report. It is unnecessary to call all three since the one that you contact will inform the other two agencies in addition to sending you a copy of your credit report for review. A fraud alert is extremely important since it requires companies to verify your identity before issuing a line a credit, thus preventing thieves from opening new accounts under your name.

2) If the perpetrators were able to open new accounts, contact each creditor and notify them of the fraudulent activity. They will close the accounts and most likely have you fill out a fraud affidavit.

3) For those accounts that you opened and are now compromised, contact the creditor and inform them that your identity has been stolen. Not only will they close the accounts, but many will read through the most recent charges to help you determine how long the abuse has been going on and how much has been charged to your name.

4) Contact your local police and alert them to the fraud under your name. A detective will be assigned to your case and ask for details such as where the charges occurred, how much was spent, and how your identity was stolen (internet, lost wallet, etc.). When you are finished providing the detective with all of your information, be sure to write down the detective’s name and the case number since many fraud affidavits will ask for these.

5) File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) by calling 1-877-IDTHEFT.

6) Change all of the passwords that you use online. Since the thieves may have acquired your information through one of your password-protected accounts, think of a completely different word and try not to use the same one for all of your accounts. Also, while it may be inconvenient to type your passwords each time you want to log-in, never save your passwords online or on your computer.

7) If you lost your entire wallet or you believe that someone is using your driver’s license, visit the DMV, Secretary of State, etc. as soon as possible to get a new driver’s license number and card. Even if you just renewed your license, you will be required to take a new picture and pay all of the regular fees.

8) KEEP RECORDS!! Throughout your dealings with creditors, companies, and detectives, always write down the name of the individual you spoke with, their employer, the date and time, and a short summary of your discussion. Keep all of this information in a centralized location and make sure that it is in a safe place since it can be used as evidence in your case. While you may be more diligent at the beginning, important information may come to light later so be sure to track everything until all of your disputes are resolved.

Identity theft doesn’t have to ruin your life or your credit. By staying calm, getting organized, and taking these crucial steps, you can bounce back from this stressful situation and stop thieves dead in their tracks.

* Equifax, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241, 888-766-0008
* Experian, P.O. Box 9532, Allen, TX 75013, 888-397-3742
* Trans Union, P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA, 92834, 800-680-7289



  1. John Doe said

    Nice guide

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  4. Brod78 said

    Thank you, this has a lot of good pointers. Hopefully I will never have to use them. ;)

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  6. cuzoogle said

    good to know, thanks

  7. Fred said

    This so-called guide is pretty lame. It’s all common sense stuff. Basically, if you get your identity stolen, you’re f**ked. Your life can, and probably will be f**ked for the next five to ten years. Regardless of what the credit reporting bureus say, your credit rating will suffer. Those agencies are there for the credit companies, not the consumer. Wake up White people!

    • kristina said

      ezactly! shyt is lame! should be back to old days. eye for an eye. free for all!

    • kc said

      I totally agree. I had my social, my license and my debit card stolen 4 years ago when i was 17 and I’ve been fighting it since. I can’t tell you how stressful and hard it is to get out of this situation. So many phone calls I’ve had to make and NO one did shit about it. I never have been able to use credit. Its around 10 grand these ppl took from me. so ppl protect ur shit with ur lives because u may be stuck in a hole for a looong time.

      • kc said

        Oh and to clarify because everyone is tripping over some of us agreeing with fred, Just because I agree with Fred does not make me racist. I’m fucking white so get off me. Don’t assume someone is racist just because they said “wake up white ppl”. You don’t know them. We agree because the reality is that NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR IDENTITY. If u havent figured that out

      • Dave said

        “…and no one did shit about it.” is the heart of this problem. Simply put, the authorities have made it so crime pays and if crime pays…guess what happens?

        Three years ago My ID got ripped and was used to take $14K. I was totally pissed (and naive) so I worked my butt off and found the perp including fingerprints, address, name, phone number signature, proof including cctv videos…you name it. it wasn’t easy because NOBODY would help me and the authorities seemed more concerned on protecting the criminal than the victim. Anyhow, I turned it over to the authorities and NOTHING HAPPENED. I was able to get the money back but from the bank…not the perp. Our system is going down the tubes and will continue to as long as crime pays…..

        BTW, I note that the perp was arrested two months ago for felony possession of a controlled substance and the court noted that since it was HER FIRST CRIME ARREST, they let her off.


    • Nicole said

      white people…lol…ok so i guess this just applies to white people since nobody else’s identity gets stolen. ignorance at its finest people…or im sorry “white people”

    • Samspot said

      Thanks a lot for this attitude. I am elderly, alone, and looking for guidance. My ID has been stolen two years ago and now apparently the creep is back on my butt again. So much for coming here to get some guidance.

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  9. plaintain1 said

    I was robbed in South Africa just a few weeks ago and your article just highlights the very thing that I am concerned about: that someone can/could ID my life! I have ‘stopped’ all the cards etc but they also took mobile which I had for years, and I have found out that friends and family members have been receiving strange calls…..

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  13. pk said

    This statement is wrong: “It is unnecessary to call all three since the one that you contact will inform the other two agencies…” This is the way it should be, but it isn’t. Contact all three. Contact them in writing.
    I have experience dealing with errors on my credit report. The same kind of errors that occur with identity theft. When I found these error existed, I got reports from all 3 agencies and they all had different info. Two of the agencies removed the errors on my written request. One refused. After multiple ignored, written requests, I was forced to take the remaining uncooprative one of the 3 credit reporting agencies to court (they settled). The main thing that won my case for me was documentation. Make ALL contacts in writing, and keep copies of every letter you send and every letter you get. Use return reciept/registered mail if possible. Phone call contacts have a tendency to dissappear or be misreported internally by the clerk you talked to on the phone. My lawyers felt that these agencies may have a policy that it’s cheaper to pay off the few poeple like me, rather than fix their system to be more accurate. In fact, the one agency I took action against, will no longer release my report when requested for a credit check. This is because they know they may have it wrong again and don’t want me to take them to court again.

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  15. WriterWriter said


    You’re an ass. Grow up. Skin is a bag that holds your guts in. WHO CARES what colour it is.

    This forum – and ANY on line forum – is no place for you to express your idiotic comments about who this information pertains to.

    GROW UP and get with the program man.

    Wake up ALL people…

  16. Aaron said

    Agreed with Fred: I’m a victim of ID Theft and this is BASIC common knowledge stuff that is REQUIRED but not that helpful. My ID Theft was due to my employer’s parent company sending paychecks via courier to my location. The courier was negligent and left his bags (of paychecks and bank master files) outside while he used the restroom and when he returned they were gone – SS #’s, bank account #’s, routing info, etc. This was 4 years ago, sorry folks, there is NOTHING you can do. My credit is destroyed, and all the stories about “if you do this you’ll be ok” are untrue. It’s been four years, I have now 4 police reports in two different states, I’ve had conference calls with with the FBI, I’m still out tens of thousands of dollars including most of my life savings and I’m stuck in a high-interest ARM on my home, and can barely afford to keep it because my credit is so bad they will not refinance me – even though I used to have a 730 credit score and signed for this mortgage with no documentation (credit that good) prior to the ID Theft.

    DON’T BELIEVE THIS STUFF. Yes, it’s good to do, No it WILL NOT protect you. ID THeft is an epidemic and EVERYONE wants to pass ths buck. My life has changed FOREVER because of this, and the police, banks, credit agencies and credit companies WILL NOT HELP YOU nor will they be compassionate at all. My 10+ years of FLAWLESS credit history means NOTHING to any of these people, and they all apologize and sympathize, but can and will do NOTHING. Beware… I know this sounds paranoid, but it is. When you deal with constantly being looted, and having ID Thieves follow you from bank account to bank account will make you develop this attitude. I’ve changed banks 7 times. Changing your SS # does nothnig because Fed. oversight rules prohibit any non-linking of addresses…

    In short, if you get your ID stolen like I did, there is no help or hope… Please tell people the TRUTH about ID THEFT. It is not fun, it ruins your life, and “8 steps” does NOT cut it.

  17. Bethany said

    I recently had my wallet stolen (which I dumbly kept my SSN card in) so I appreciate this list! I’m going to be using a service that monitors my credit report but it’ll be nice to know what to do if I see any fraudulent activity.

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  19. ricard0 said

    Nice guide, dude

    I’ll traslate it to spanish in my blog, no problem with that?

    Greetings from Mexico

  20. bridgehome said

    […] is stolen. It may not take care of everything but this was a great post. You will find it here: 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen. It’s good information you will need if this happens to […]

  21. Chuck said

    My wife and I signed up with LifeLock for $10 /mo per person- They initiate fraud alerts with all 3 major credit reporting agencies every 90 days. We (so far) haven’t been ID theft victims, and don’t want to be- This isn’t a silver bullet, but it helps. $240 a year is relatively cheap compared to the problems I’ve read about above.

    • My parents are with the same company and guess what they have been hit once several years ago and now again only this time it has spread so far banks in two states with accounts and people applying for income tax refunds on their ss numbers and Ids. They still have to do every thing in this post themselves and they had to inform the co that it happened. It was the state tax org that informed them. save your money.

  22. penguin31 said

    @Aaron who said, “Agreed with Fred”

    Oh, so you’re a racist also?

  23. MaryE said

    I read through all of the advice. A few years ago I lost my wallet in my own apartment but I didn’t know it. I immediately changed all of my bank accounts, and credit card numbers. I put into place on all of my accounts 2 things: 1) I changed my mothers maiden name on my account to a made up one that only I know, and 2) I have a secret question and password to the question that each time I contact over the phone or in person I must be asked or nothing happens. The password is in a foreign langauge as well. I feel more secure because of this because even my own accountant was not allowed to make a deposit to my bank account.
    Another thing that I did not read in the 8 credit tips was 1) take a photocopy of the items in your wallet, 2) have on hand in another place- phone numbers of the credit cards, and other accounts, 3) take time to personally type out all of your credit card account numbers with addresses and contact information keep a record of your past addresses, jobs, and investments all in one file or on a CD-R with password protect at home , for easy access to you in case something does happen. Make sure that if roobers broke into your home that they don’t pick this up- then your life would be down the tubes.
    I have moved a number of times around the world, and this has saved me a lot of time trying to figure out what is mine and is it updated or not. My mom also shares my first name, and I have had to write to the agencies again and again that we are not the same people. Yes, write to the agencies.
    NEVER keep your social security card in your wallet. There is no need to do that.
    Hope this helps.

  24. Very interesting article, thanks a bunch!

  25. While I have had the good fortune of not having my identity stolen, here are some suggestions I believe have helped me thus far:

    – shred EVERYTHING! When I finish reading my banking statements, I rip them 6 ways from Sunday. People can always look through your trash. You don’t need to get a shredder – in fact, I suggest you don’t get one. I attended a lecture from a company “guru” and he told the story of how some savvy crooks put back together a shredded document. Basically, the the shredder shreds documents vertically, meaning you can join the documents if you have enough patience. Your hands are the best shredders. Unless you need to destroy documents by the truckload (think Dick Cheney), shred your documents with your own hands.

    – open temporary bank accounts, especially if you use eBay & PayPal. I got this tip from a forum and it has been a life saver. Most people use their main bank account for everything – credit card, bills, internet. You just raised your chances of getting robbed a thousandfold! If you buy online and use PayPal or other services that require having your bank account linked to them, it is best if you open a basic, “no-frills” account with your bank. Just transfer the money from your main account into the PayPal account when you want to buy something. Likewise, if you receive money via PayPal, transfer the money from the basic account into the main account. That way if something happens you just lost a couple of bucks at the most, and don’t have to call every single creditor.

    – if you pay your bills online, do so through your bank account. Many banks have online access to the accounts, and you can sign up to receive eBills. Instead of writing my account and routing number on different websites – cell phone, utilities, etc. – try having everything in one single page. Again, you just reduce your chances of someone stealing your identity.

    – do not use checks. Use your ATM card when shopping. If you set up an extra bank account like I suggested, you can go one step further and use the ATM for that account.

    – when traveling: Do NOT use credit cards unless absolutely necessary! I travel frequently to El Salvador and noticed some weird transactions that involved my credit card. Apparently, when you give out your credit card in a restaurant or any other place, there is nothing that can stop a heartless bastard from writing down your name, account number and verification code. This is devastating, because that individual can then shop online! The only other thing the need is your address and guess what: a valid ID is always requested when paying via credit card, and you always end up showing your driver’s license or even worse, your passport.

    What to do? Simple: use your regular ATM card! You will be surprised, you can take money out of most ATMs in most countries with your own ATM card! For example, Banco Agricola ATMs in El Salvador never seem to recognize my card, but ScotiaBank has branches in the U.S. and they do recognize my account. My bank charges $1.50-$3.00 for each foreign transaction, while credit cards charge $10 as a “cash advance”, plus $2 for the foreign transaction fee!

    It is a myth that you are safer paying with your credit card overseas!

    Hope you like my tips!

  26. Bob said

    Just for your info, “wake up white people” is a quote from the KKK and was only intended as humorous (it is frequently quoted on Howard Stern to point out the insanity). I can see why you thought it was racist coming from Fred but he didn’t mean it that way.

    Anyhow, on Friday we just discovered my wife’s identity had been stolen and about $45k of credit card bill have been amassed. This article has some good pointers but is incomplete.

    The government’s outdated regulations are to blame. Laws regarding “instant credit”, and the public availablity of drivers license numbers and other info are just wrong. All of these rules must be reviewed (well they should have been at the dawn of the “information age”).

  27. Fred said

    So, you think the credit card companies are in business to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud? Check this out:


    Recently, I did something very similar. I filled out a credit card application using none of my correct information other than my name. The social security number, the birthdate, the return mailing address – nothing was accurate on the application except for my name. Guess what? Three weeks later, a brand new credit card showed up at my friend’s house with my name on it. I activated the card using the bogus social security number I applied with. What’s even better is that, about six months later, the new credit card also showed up on my credit report. Keep in mind that it took six months to show up on my credit reports. You can buy a lot of stuff with a stolen credit card in six months.
    Anyway, after that I tried to cancel the card and have it removed from my credit reports. This is when the credit card company and the reporting agencies really proved that they’re not there to help consumers. (1) They wouldn’t let me cancel the card without harrassing me for thirty minutes about buying other services from them. (2) None of the credit reporting agencies would remove the entry from my report. (3) None of them would call the item “fraudulent” because no money had been charged to the card.

    Like Aaron says, everyone just wants to pass the buck. The guidelines on this blog won’t hurt, but they won’t help much either. White people need to protect themselves.

  28. Kathrine said

    Thanks for the article! You never know when your credit card will be stolen. Joking:) Hope that would not happen with anyone of us. But thanks a lot for the great advices!

  29. Steve said

    The suggestion about having regular fraud alerts placed on your account even before fraud has occurred seems like a good one — my understanding is that they need to contact you on your home phone before they issue you another credit card or loan, and that seems like a minor inconvenience for an extra level of protection.

    Regarding the shredders — I use a crosscut one. Sure, someone with enough time, motivation and energy could possibly assemble a document, but my guess is that they’ll move on to lower-hanging fruit instead.

    FWIW, most credit cards cover you against fraud, provided that you report the loss as soon as you realize your card has been compromized. Debit cards usually don’t legally require this, although most banks will eat the charges to assure their customers of the safety of debit cards.

    Also, the usual advice about never sending confidential information over a wireless connection or a connection without SSL works here as well. Also, never provide the holy grail of Social Security number and Mother’s maiden name together. And when it comes to computers, Google PHISHING for a lot of information. Never follow a link in an email, always type it in, and never follow a link that leads to an IP address.

    Finally, I have friends who travel a lot who have a separate credit card with a very low limit that they use when buying online or in other countries. I remember that one of the credit card companies was working a plan where you could tie a new credit card number to an established account. You could then set the new credit card number to have a credit limit equal to the amount of the purchase, effectively making it single use. Anyone know if this ever went anywhere?

    And friends, whenever you have the opportunity, support privacy rights whenever possible, because this is all going to get worse in the future. Good luck and thanks for publishing this.

    • aj said

      excellent info.. worth reading all the other banter to get to this.. thank you Steve.

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  31. Asmat said

    Everything is more difficult if you are traveling abroad… Always travel with contact to embassy or to friends at home who are ready to help!

  32. […] 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen […]

  33. raus said

    steve, citicards, from citi bank offer that one time credit card option. They don’t allow you to set the total limit on the card, but it does prevent anyone from using it more than once (i believe)

  34. Son Nguyen said

    Very useful tips and hope I don’t have to experience this (although many cases it’d be out of my control to keep my identity secure, I’ll just have to rely on my retailers’ security measures)

  35. Balls Deep said

    Open mouth. Insert c0ck. Balls deep is the only way to go.

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  38. Great advice, I will put this somewhere to lok back upon if that should happen.

  39. Bob said

    And you must start using a proxy.


  40. Steve, many credit card companies offer what are called “single-use credit card numbers.” Contact your card companies/visit their sites for more information.

    Please remember that in the US, you are entitled to one free credit file disclosure in a 12 month period from each of the three major credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion). Visit their sites for more information on how to obtain this report.

    If you plan to travel overseas, you might find it useful to contact your credit card companies to determine if they have options, such as a temporary credit card number, that you can use to reduce your fraud risk overseas. Your travel agent may have experience with this as well.

  41. Dustin said

    I am looking for a link to your RSS Feed but do not see it?

  42. Chris said

    Thanks for the tips, very detailed

  43. julienne said


    I found this link this am:


    Keep safe, and have a nice day!

  44. PBB said

    thanks for the info…

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  47. Oh privacy ... said

    And if Lifelock decides to change their business plan after collecting all your personal info, they’ll post it on their website. Scary. This should definitely be a positive double opt out protection against changing terms after you sign up.
    “Changes in this Privacy Statement

    If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, the homepage, and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

    We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our home page.
    Contact Us


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  49. Tim said

    I hope I’ll never have to use this advice, but it sure will help if it would happen. Thanks.

  50. criselda said

    these is a good information about credit cards. Luckily my husband and I never had anymore credit cards or that will be pain in the but. The only thing that stilling our money is the credit reports. These guys still money just about every month and when you tell them to stop it they don’t do it. So this time we are closing our account this is one way to make them stop. I hope we won’t deal with this kinda fraudulent charges anymore. I just hope we never get into this kinda situation.

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  52. 8 Things you must do if you are a victim of identity theft.

    The cartoon above is on the money so to speak. ID theft is something most of us don’t think could happen to them. But if it does happen, cleaning up the mess can take forever. After a recent trip, a

  53. christian 0829 said

    I’ve been in the mortgage business for many years.Stay pro-active, pull your own credit when shopping for a car,less people viewing your credit info the better…that goes for any big ticket items that requires a pull.(NOTE; frequent pulls in a short time span lowers credit scores anyway.) Use credit cards…not checks over the phone .Stick to one or two cards and be careful to whom you give your cards to…i.e.,restaurants and shops,etc..

    If you ever do have a your indentity stolen,make sure you present all evidence to the credit cards companies that the criminals used .Make sure the credit card companies credit your account and than take issue with any demands that were made in a faudulent nature. Pull your own report from time to time,see what’s going on with it.

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  58. Karen said

    One thing the article doesn’t specify – get everything in writing. It isn’t enough to write down who you talked to on the phone and what they said. If the company denies it, it’s your word against theirs. (Yes, sometimes they lie.) Ask each company to send you a written confirmation, and make sure you get it. You want a letter stating that account #XXXX was opened fraudulently and that you are not responsible for it.

    Keep checking those credit reports. Unfortunately, even after the situation has been “cleared up” and your credit report is correct, the fraudulent cards will reappear, sometimes years later. That’s why it’s so important to have proof in writing. My SSN was stolen almost 10 years ago, and I had 15 credit cards opened fraudulently in my name. It took me more than 5 years before the fraudulent cards stopped popping up on my credit report.

  59. spatulated said

    informitive. thanks alot

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  62. dame said

    Good points, luckily my credit’s so awful that anyone stealing my identity would immediately receive calls from a collection agency. Hey, there may be a tip in there somewhere.

  63. Sandra said

    What do you do when someone has stolen your identity,” AND” they are currently working under your name? What does one do now? Well let me tell you all a bit of this story. I found out about this identity theft from the I.R.S.! Yup! They said I owed 10,000.00 in back taxes for working in other states that i never even been to. I contacted the companys that had reported the income and asked them if they could send me a photo copy of my so-called drivers license that the person gave to them when they hired them. and that person on the other end told me I need a warrant. A Warrant! do you belive this? I cant Because she said I cant prove Im the real Sandra aint that some shit?

  64. Sandra said

    There is much more to my story. If aanyone can help me with ideas or suggestions please contact me at sandcha2010@yahoo.com and at the subject entry write id theft help. Thanks

  65. Good ideas here. One preventative measure I haven’t seen very often is never using your driver’s license or state ID for identification purposes. Your DL contains your home address (and sometimes SSN), so thiefs can easily open new accounts with that information.

    A better form of ID would be to use your passport, which does not show your home address. That way, if a thief ever gets ahold of it, they won’t be as easily able to open accounts in your name, and they won’t know where you live.

  66. […] For the full article, click here. […]

  67. Thanks for posting. However, your instructions are flawed for a number of reasons. Here are a few.

    1) The first step you state is to call the credit reporting companies. The mistake is you are assuming all ID theft is always related to your credit file. This simply isn’t true. It depends on the situation. Yes, credit related fraud is the most common, however, fraud related to checking accounts is growing faster.

    2) You tell people to contact the FTC. The FTC does not investigate or follow up on consumer complaints. They don’t have the authority, budget or mandate from Congress, so it’s a waste of time if the victim thinks otherwise. Now, it does help the FTC compile statistics, so it means you are being a good citizen. It just isn’t one of the first things a victim should do. People should know that.

    3) You leave out the critical step that victims should follow up with creditors in writing. There are several federal laws which protect victims and if you don’t followup in writing, you lose all your rights.

    Clearly you are very knowledgeable and care,so I do applaud you. However, ID theft is different for every victim, and a static list like this is probably more of a hindrance. Sorry to be blunt, but after helping hundreds of victims personally, I have seen the damage that occurs when people don’t have the best advice at the beginning.

    That’s why I built a service that creates a customized step by step guide for victims that tells you the right things to do NOW and what to do later.

    CEO, Truston

  68. Evrett Ashley said

    that ‘s a great tool for id theft, some times ya’ never kno’ whats gonna happen.
    but it’s all good.

  69. Sandra said

    Hey Tom Fragola thanks for posting that information. To continue with my Identity problems the I.R.S. sent me a letter saying that they were about to levy my assetts because of back taxes they said I owed Only problem is during the time the I.R.S. said that I owe for I wasnt working. This isnt the first time that that the I.R.S. has said I owed taxes either.and the person who has my ss# and working under it has rented houses under my name and ss# too. Is there any way that I can get the companys that have hired this imposter using my name to give me copys of the DL and SS card without having to get a warrant? Im not even no where near that state that the imposter is in.

  70. Sandra said

    Im sorry frank I spelled your last name wrong I apologize

  71. kellie said

    In order to prevent identity theft the solutions need to start with our government and then the citizens of this country. Currently the IRS can tell when more than one person is using the same ss#. What do they do about this? They contact the company and the company can be fined $50!!!!!

    Recently in my neck of the woods immigration officials raided several Swift & Company meat processing plants. 1500 people were arrested for being illegal immigrants and 65 were immediately charged with criminal charges such as identity theft. There was outrage over what the immigration officials did. How they broke up these families and the financial repercussions. What was at the forefront of these people’s minds was: they won’t get as much government assistance for the schools and city if the illegal immigrants are not in the town. Now maybe this is looney on my part but instead of feeling bad for these illegal immigrants I feel bad for the people who’s ss# was stolen in order for them to work. Who is probably being contacted right now by the IRS saying they owe back taxes. I feel bad for the people who had their identity stolen so these people can work. If someone who is a legal citizen of this country is not paying their taxes, steals someone’s ss#, steals their credit card, and their identity you are committing a crime and when caught you go to jail. So, I feel it’s right, when it’s an illegal immigrant who does this they should get deported back to their country.

  72. Sandra,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Send an email to help AT mytruston.com and me and my team will try to help you with your ID theft issue. In the email, to help speed things along, please explain what the problems are, the facts as you know them, and a timeline of when you found out what was going on (if you can). Thanks.

    CEO, Truston

  73. kevin said

    awsome post! i have some more in-depth about identity theft at

  74. proverbs31 said

    I know this isn’t an all inclusive article. And I know that you can’t really UNDO identity theft. Yet this information is still helpful for someone like me who has things on her credit and doesn’t know what to do about it. Since, like several people have pointed out, the credit card companies aren’t all that helpful, it is good to have all this information in one place (even if “it’s common knowledge and all over the place.” I didn’t have that phone number for identity theft. Thank you for writing this.

  75. Sandra said

    Tom Fragala my Identity probvlem started about 5 years ago. I was first informed about my issue when the IRS sent me the notice saying I owed back taxes as Ive already mentioned before. The thing is Ive tried to get the local police to file a report for me but have been unsuccessful in doing this. They are just giving me a hard time. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. Ive contacted the Credit companies ect… But only now the most recent one is that once again Ive recieved another letter from IRS saying they,(IRS) intend to Levy my Assetts for taxes that they say I owe. I was mailed a copy of the taxes W2s from the companys that employed my imposter. What I did is I called one of the companys that my imposter worked at or works at and talked to the human resource and explained to them my situation hoping to maybe get them to send me a copy of the SS# and DL that my imposter used when they hired him or her. But no luck they refused saying that i would need to get a warrant to get that info from them. But I did get a little more info on the imposter. HR did mention that the person did have a INS “Green Card” and that “They were no longer in the area”. That is the only info i was able to get. Now keep in mind that I did start working in 2006 and had not worked in the U.S.A. anywhere else in the world since 2002. So these 4 years I wasnt employed.

  76. Sandra said

    Tom Fragala

    I can also say that someone has tried to get a D.L in my name berfore twice!

  77. Sandra said

    Oh yes I would like to tell everyone with the Identity theft problems that I also being a victim that the person or persons who stolen my ID have also rented places in my name. Rented meaning a place for them to live using my name.

  78. […] 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen […]

  79. […] a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission?  Credit Score Tips & Advice has put together 8 steps to take when your ID is stolen.  You might check it out. « Donate to Leukemia & Lymphoma […]

  80. […] 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen a pretty good thing to print off and have on hand. you never know if there is another you working at a nightclub in branson, mo. […]

  81. […] And if you happen to be a victim of any Identity Fraud, here’s some advice. […]

  82. Joe said

    i have to say that i kinda agree on the list above
    My Sire

  83. Wendell p said

    great list!

  84. Jason said

    After my father [stupidly] left his wallet, cell phone and our business digital camera in his brand new unlocked truck, or course all of it was stolen. I don’t know how many times I’ve begged him not to do that. At least he didn’t loose any cash; just the potential for much worse. I’ve been reading all of this information, which has been helpful and also frightening.

    I’m going to be taking even greater care of my identity know. This is something I do not ever want to happen to me. I would rather spend much less time avoiding this shit than trying to fix it.

    A small price to pay, I say!

    Good luck to everyone out there who is a victim of seriously fucked up crime. I would like to further rant about whom I suspect is at the heart of this problem – Illegal Immigrants! Sure, domestic fuckers steal too of which I am ashamed of as an American. But when I hear about Illegal fuckers [we all know where they’re coming from] stealing and working under hard-working American’s identities, I am ready to start digging post holes for a new FENCE! GO HOME! We stole you’re country from you and you can’t have it back!

  85. rogrdodgr said

    If you have a PrePaid Legal Sevice with Identity Theft Shield, there would be only one step! Find out how uniqe our plan truly is.


  86. tom said

    am 50 now and when i was 17 i learned that some mexican nationals had been using my ssi# to pay into sociol security. farm laborors in salinas ca region, where i did not live. I still to this date have id theft going on. fact is people are not honest at all including police – federal state and county type agencies, and when ever there is a hole these dishonest type folks can stick thier finger in, they will and try to come up with some gold.

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  103. Doug said

    Check out Lifelock.com. For a measly 110.00 a year they put actions in place (including with the big three credit bureaus) to prevent I.D. theft from happening to you. Their program is amazingly thorough. I can’t recommend them enough.

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  113. […] 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen If you realize that your identity has been stolen, these are the 8 things you should do first. (tags: credit security identity theft finance) […]

  114. Bruce Rowe said

    what if you just didnt know what to do and when you found out about the fraudulent charges and they put your credit card limit over the limit like what happened to me and then my bank sent a letter to the trw and then they sent letters to all my other credit card merchants and they all raised my intrest rates on my credit cards because at the time i didn’t even realize that there had been any fraudulent charges ! until i got my next statement and saw that there was two of them back to back one for 1140.00 dollars and another for 699.00 and they where made through paypal which i had never given my credit card number to ever only my checking account number ! and all of this happening my wife saw these charges and flipped out and then she thought i was bipolar by spending such an outrageous amount without speaking to her that she left me and eventually divorced me and just this past december graduated from law school which was going to be my retirement when she started working as a lawyer !
    Well this isnt the worst part of this story since i didnt realize that she was talking about these charges because i just thought she was talking about some other charges i didnt notice these untill i got this letter telling me that my credit limit has been over its limit and i know that i had plenty of room on my limit so when i checked on line I saw these two charges and also the letter to the trw really had me upset because i had worked very hard to get my credit rating up to what it was and that was at a 733 as an average for all three credit reporting agencies ! well when my wife left me this was not as much as a concern at the time i was more focused on how to get her back but realized that i was going to start needing to supplement the money that she was contributing to maintaining my house and expences that where at hand and in the mean time i totalled my truck and luckily it was insurred and it paid me cash of 21,000.00 dollars i had already tapped out my 2nd home equity loan i had taken out and owed 50,000.00 on that so when i went shopping for a loan to pay off all my credit cards and my home line of equity and get some cash out just in case i was going to need a lawyer and have to pay my wife anything knowing that she was probly going to want some of the equity on my house in this divorce I had to refinance so as i did i found a company that wourd do it but they wanted such a high intrest rate that i said no and wondered why i would have had to start out with such a high intrest rate because i had been following the rates and back then in june through about sept in 2005 they where at around 5.25% which at a 733 credit rating is what i should have gotten but then when i asked why i had to start out with a 6.9% intrest rate they told me that my fica score was not at a 733 but it was more like a 610 and the highest was around 630 and that was not right but then i remembered that the bank said i went over my credit limit so i contacted the bofa’s fraud department or actually they contacted me and they did an investigation and took a bunch of money off my credit card and sent me a big thing with all my charges on it for the last 3 months ending with the two that where fraudulent and the two that put my credit over its limit And slowly but surely they added them back on to my credit card and since they found all of the ones prior to the two that put my limit over plus they charged my account many fees and over the limit fines and then they just started to take these fees and fines and cover the overages from my existing checking account which drained it down below its amount until i was able to put in this casheirs check for 21000.00 from my insurance company and they had put a 15 buisness day hold on this casheirs check meanwhille they charged me about 30 X 35.00 INF charges for my online banking payee’s that i had being paid automaticly from the bofa on line banking service that also they took from my 21000.00 as soon as it cleared their unnessasary 15 day hold on an insurance casheirs check which i think they did this on porpose knowing my account was getting low ! any way when the fraud department got to the two fraudulent charges on my credit card aparently they just assumed that since all the other charges where legitimate that these two from paypal must have been also so they stuck them right back onto my credit card and the whole process happened all over again they sent me a statement and fines and fees that my credit card limit had been violated by going over its limit again and they did the same thing charged me fines and fees and started depleting my checking account again
    Well then i got ahold of a guy at the fraud department of the bofa and he aggreed with me that none of any of this should have happened and that they where going to have to repay me for all the fines and fees and for the extra money that i had to pay all my other credit card merchants when they raised my intrest rates and all of this and i asked him that this was all good and fine and its about time that someone recignized this and when i asked him how he was going to fix the main thing that i ended up getting a loan for 400,000.00 and had to pay a starting interest rate of 6.9 on a variable arm loan and should have gotten a loan for 5.25% which just at this amount my payments are around 640.00 more a month and it has gone up from that to around 8.01% but just at a fixed amount of 6.9% to show what this would make of a difference this would be 640.00 X the term of this loan which is 360 months equals $$$ 230,400.00 over the term of this loan and he just told me that they have their ways and he would get back to me in 24 hours well this was a 2 and a 1/2 hour conversation i had with this guy from the fraud department and this was around back in around october of 2005 ! and he never got back to me about any of this so i called back and got some lady and she didnt know what she was talking about and said to me just about nothing and she took off one of the fraudulent charges then and it was the one for 699.00 which was actually only 640.00 something because these charges went over seas and they could only get the current rate of exchange for it but she said tha the 1140.00 charge was already taken off which is a crock of lard because i have it on my account later than when i talked to her and so then we come a little more present when i did get my loan at starting rate of 6.9 cos i had to do something the finance company paid off all my credit card debts and my second of 430000 or what ever i owed my second mortgage and they paid off my discover card which i had transferred 2399.00 from my bofa card because they kept telling me i was over my limit stilll and so i transferred all that i could to max out my discover card and then they where paid off in full by the next month and they are sending me proof of this transaction as soon as they can ! but the bofa was paid off too at 15,491.00 dollars so i should have had a zero ballance minus all the other charges that should have been taken off this credit card or they should have credited my checking account for all these fines and fees that they where still charging me for on a monthly basis and i had written them at least a hundred times asking them to audit my account but all i got was to call some other number and when i did i just got the run around nobody from the bofa wanted to deal with any of this !
    So then i got another letter from the bofa stating that this transferr of this 2399.00 dollars didnt go through and that it was denied and returned to them which is an out right lie because i just called the discover card people and they looked it up and they said it went through and it was paid off with no problems and they are sending me the proof of this asap ! so then i thought i had some more fraudulent charges on my checking account because the bank put a hold on my atm card and i was in arizona on a forced vactaion due to my emotional state with my divorce knocking at my door and i was told to leave work for awhile untill i had control over all of my emotions it was not an easy time and with this bank screwing me over to boot it made it that much tougher so i had my checking account changed and when the bank manager was doing this i asked her specifically if she was changing all of my payee’s too for they where going to be sending in their bills to me and then expecting to get paid and she said and i quote “yes thats what is taking me so long is that i am adding all your payees to your new checking account number” well guess what she didnt do and then the next month i started getting all these late fees and even one from the bofa credit card for 29.00 on money that i didnt even owe them because i had paid them off in january of 2006 but they added this charge that was paid off with my discover card but for some reason they apparently didnt want me to not owe them something and so they added this on to my credit card and also raised my interest rate to 31.9 and now its at 32.9 % on what i owe them now ! and this year i deposited 5000.00 dollars into my checking account and they took over 2400 in INF fees to pay themselfs and have left me devistated and on the virge of loosing my house because i had to open my equity line of credit again and it is now maxed out and so are all my other credit cards and i am just about to loose my house to forclosure unless a mirical happens because now all my payments are coming in late and my credit score is so low that i cant even refinance my house even though i still have around 100,000.00 dollars in equity left in it and i will loose that too if this loan is forclosed on so i need someones help desperatly I have two english mastiffs here at my house that i am just waiting for my female to get to 22 months old so i can start breeding her and this will increase my income by over 25 to 30 thousand a year and also am going to try to get two room mates and this will also help me but it might be too late for this cos i’m already late on my mortgage and on my second home line of equity i know this is a long story but its all true and i need some one to give me some advice that will restore my credit and get me the loan that i should have had to begin with i know that a judge will see things in my favor if i sue this bank but i need some time to do all of this and find a lawyer that can sue for damages from the fact that i lost my most valiuable asset and my most treasured thing and that was my wife how do you compensate for this loss? there is no way to even tell you how painful it was going through a divorce all because of this its just not fare that some company has had this much power over someones life !

  115. Tsp.gov|Tsp.gov


  116. […] Continue reading… This post is filed under Misc.. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Top 10 Ways You Know You’re An Entrepreneur […]

  117. Amy said

    Consider placing a security freeze on your consumer credit reporting files to make it hard for thieves and scammers to use your information to open new accounts, like new credit cards in your name. If you are an identity theft victim, the cost to place one on your files is usually free.

    A security freeze is a powerful identity theft prevention tool for individuals. It enables consumers to take a step that will stop the opening of false new accounts which require a credit check unless the consumer has expressly authorized a potential creditor to check the consumer’s credit report or credit score. Without a credit report or credit score a business usually will not open a new account. As of today, 34 states and the District of Columbia have enacted security freeze laws. Check Consumer Union’s list to see if your state is one of them and on how to place a security freeze.

    A Project of Consumers Union

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  198. No credit monitoring agency will totally eliminate id theft, but it’s a start. Credit freezes are also a good step, but there’s so many ways for your id to be stolen that nothing is 100% effective. The sad truth is that everything is so interconnected you can never be totally safe. The good news is that because there’s so much news and publicity about it, the banks and police will have a better time believing you. Hopefully in the future they’ll be more powerful laws, and better ways to secure your SSN#.

  199. Thank you for these great tips. Hopefully I will never have to use them. Great article.

  200. CJ said

    What out for that mail theft too. I had some #$%$# neighbors take my mail at the right time, somehow copy paste photoshop up my account numbers from the bottom of my check and superimposed it on their checks. I checked the scan of the check on the bank website and did research on the person who owned the top half of the check. Happened to be an 80 year old woman 3 blocks away. I figure the grandsons probably put it together but who knows…old people like money too. Of course I got reimbursed plus account numbers changed. The never let me know what happened with the thief. Since it was under 500 probably a slap on the hand, especially if there was a sob story acted out.

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  205. The best way to protect your credit report is to call all three bureaus and ask them to put a credit freeze on your report. The cost is $10.00 and well worth it.

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    They told me if I could come up with $800.00 they would turn it back on and I would have to continue to pay $280.00 a month to keep my services on I’ve done all that and its been 2 months and they still havent been out to turn on my heat and gas.I’ve had to stay with relitives.They told me if i can prove that i renewed my id after this theft took place and gather up more information for them it would get sent to higher authoritys and if they favor in my side i’ll get my $800.00 back and whatever else is owed.I guess i will find out if these people are really out to help people like us or are they there just for a paycheck,all I need now is a credit report and the decision will be maid.It is sad I couldnt bring a brand new inocent baby to her home because of coldhearted workers just looking for a paycheck,and i had to put all that money down that could of been used for the baby.To top it off the agreement i made with them the only reason i gave them that$800.00 is to keep my heat and gas on and they still havent done that,all i get is the runaround good thing i kept the recipt.In my opinion i think its been two months since they got that money and the agreement was made ive even been paying the $280.00 a month as agreed.I really need legal advice or even smart advice so if anyone can hand out some helpful advice im all ears.

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    Does anyone know if I can hold this business responsible for their negligence?

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    For all of those on here who have had IDT problems, feel free to email me an I will gladly point you in the right direction.

    Here’s the problem: 80 percent of identity fraud today is what’s called synthetic ID fraud or ID cloning. What the ID thieves do is steal only your SSN and through a variety of nefarious, but quite clever methods, create a brand new person. The problem for you is that the fraud usually won’t show up on credit reports because the only identifier that matches you is the SSN. And what if the fraud is not financial in nature?

    It won’t show up at all…comforting, huh?

    Experian actually admitted to the New York Times that their credit-monitoring products could not detect fraud cases in which a credit applicant used his/her own name, address and phone number with someone else’s (i.e. YOU) Social Security number because the data mismatch can cause the bureau’s computer systems to route the loan request to a separate file!
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    Here’s a few: immigration fraud, medical fraud, false driver’s licenses, tax fraud, utilities fraud, employment fraud, criminal fraud…on and on and on.

    The sad truth is that you, by yourself can’t do much about ID Theft.

    Your information resides in thousands of databases nationwide and your information is only as secure as the database it’s in. We’re talking about billions of data points, including Social Security, Driver’s License, Motor Vehicle, Criminal, Civil, Legal, Licensing, Financial, Medical, Marketing, Consumer- there is no way that you and I as individuals can keep up with this information.

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    That means (though you may not know it yet) you could already be a victim of Identity Theft, comforting, huh?

    Fortunately, there are a few “good guys” left and they can definitely help all of you on here who are victims (Aaron, there IS hope!) and prevent the rest of you from ever becoming one. I have friends that have been kicked off boards for recommending companies, so if you need help, justEM/IM me: identityspecialist at yahoo.


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